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Tom Manza 
Dec 6

I’ll be seeing y’all in Tacoma Washington
Bought My tickets as soon as the flyer came out .
Have you heard Dan Hicks and his hot licks .
I’m an old cowhand sang by Mary Ann Price.
I Love it

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Dean Email
Aug 16

Loved hearing your music on Larry,s Diner

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Robert Sanborn Email
July 24

Frist time ever seeing you guys But (WOW).
Love you guys and will keep my eyes on you guys for sure
Take care and KEEP UP the great work

Linda & Jim Hyde 
July 22

Thanks so much for your performance at my surprise birthday party for Jimmy.  He was totally surprised at the party but blown away that ya'll were performing.    As always your music is the best and impressed our family and friends.   I think we added some names to your fan club.  We'll be looking forward to seeing you at your next Texas booking, if at all possible . 
Thank you, 
Linda & Jim Hyde
Granbury, Texas

Tiny mcclellan Email
July 8

We are anxiously looking forward to the appearnce by possibly the best Joe holly-style hot fiddler and the Barnesin guitar of Mr. Whit !!!

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Cliff Email
June 13


Absolutely love you all and your music. I have not been able to see you though, as you never seem to get quite close enough to our little town, Libby MT, for this old guy to make it!  While I know you can't play here, Spokane WA and Coeur d'Alene, Idaho are less than three hours away, and would (IMO) easily support you. My traveling days are over, but I really, really want to see you all before my time...hopefully something good will happen and you all will end up in NW MT, N Idaho, NE Washington. In the meantime, keep it up and I'll keep listening to your records...thanks for keeping this great music alive...

Mike Email
May 21

A quick hello from and old friend!  I worked for Buck Owens at his venue The Crystal Palace many years go and was fortunate enough to get to work with you guys when you came through town.  You were my favorite act by far and even better people.  Hope all is well and hope I get to see you on the road soon!


Chris Chapman 
May 7

I saw you guys last night in Raleigh.  My friend and I had to leave early but I just wanted to say you are on of the best live bands I've ever seen and it was such a treat to see y'all again.   I loved "Reunion" and "Long Way Home" especially.   Best wishes on your tour.

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Scotty DelMar 
April 15

Awesome show at Grand Z in Colorado! Thanks to HCOC, Grand Z and and Joe B. for the opportunity to experience your music.

Allen Lansdown  
March 25

Great show in Tulsa . Great music and the most talented and beautiful fiddle player in the world

Rob Jenkins Email
March 22

Hi Hot Club!

When are you coming back to li'l old England again? Saw you guys in Durham, then in Selby. Really want to see you again this side of the Pond! 

Gary Clodfelder Email
March 22

Love your music and the fun you get from playing.  Any chance you might perform at Longmire Days in Buffalo, WY??

Craig Heavey Email
March 20

Miss you here in Maine .  Picking blue bells and mountain columbine as we await your return.  Heard you can't break my heart on the radio the other day.   Not too wicked awful bad.

Sandy Johnson Email
March 15

You three are the best!! Your performance in Rock Springs, Wyoming, last evening was a gift to all of us. My feet didn't quite moving the entire evening and you brought joy to my heart. How lucky we are to have had you as part of our concert series. Keep on doing what you are doing as you surely brighten lives as you travel and entertain. 

Richard Email
Feb 21

First saw you guys on Later with Jools Holland back in 2003 and I've been a fan ever since. Hope you have a fantastic anniversary and look forward to seeing you in concert in the UK again soon!

Jan Email
Feb 3

Hi all,

So sorry to hear about Eva's passing.  We last saw you in Saugatuck, MI...and that was the first time our grand-daughter (now 7) got to see you.  She was totally enthralled by the music.  She also loved Eva, and Elana's pretty dress!

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