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Allen Lansdown  
March 25, 2018

Great show in Tulsa . Great music and the most talented and beautiful fiddle player in the world

Rob Jenkins Email
March 22, 2018

Hi Hot Club!

When are you coming back to li'l old England again? Saw you guys in Durham, then in Selby. Really want to see you again this side of the Pond! 

Gary Clodfelder Email
March 22, 2018

Love your music and the fun you get from playing.  Any chance you might perform at Longmire Days in Buffalo, WY??

Craig Heavey Email
March 20, 2018

Miss you here in Maine .  Picking blue bells and mountain columbine as we await your return.  Heard you can't break my heart on the radio the other day.   Not too wicked awful bad.

Sandy Johnson Email
March 15, 2018

You three are the best!! Your performance in Rock Springs, Wyoming, last evening was a gift to all of us. My feet didn't quite moving the entire evening and you brought joy to my heart. How lucky we are to have had you as part of our concert series. Keep on doing what you are doing as you surely brighten lives as you travel and entertain. 

Richard Email
Feb 21, 2018

First saw you guys on Later with Jools Holland back in 2003 and I've been a fan ever since. Hope you have a fantastic anniversary and look forward to seeing you in concert in the UK again soon!

Jan Email
Feb 3, 2018

Hi all,

So sorry to hear about Eva's passing.  We last saw you in Saugatuck, MI...and that was the first time our grand-daughter (now 7) got to see you.  She was totally enthralled by the music.  She also loved Eva, and Elana's pretty dress!

Mike Ives Email
Jan 24, 2018

Dear Elana and Hot Club.
Just got your e mail yesterday about Eva's passing. So sorry to hear that. I thought the tribute you wrote was beautiful and brought a tear to my eyes. So glad for the pictures also. I met you and Eva at 2016 Elko Cowboy Poetry and talked to you after the show and Eva was right there at our feet as we sat on the edge of the stage and talked. I got a picture of her but the lighting was not very good. Had a very nice conversation with all three of you and you autographed my white bandana.
     Take care on the road, be safe and know Eva is still listening. Thank you so much for all the joy ans happiness you bring to all who are your fans. I played " Eva's Dance" from your Black Beauty album for her and you. Will catch you again somewhere down the trail. Thanks to you, Whit Jake and Eva.

Tim Adams Email
Nov 17, 2017

Many thanks to Elana, Whit and Jake for the fantastic final night of the twentieth anniversary UK tour at the Wimborne Tivoli - right in my back yard - wow!
Whether standards or originals the music comes across with uncompromising energy and passion and the audience were rewarded for their appreciation with an unexpected final encore to bring us down to earth after an amazing Orange Blossom Orange Special.
Thanks also for coming to the front after the show, it was a real pleasure for me and my wife Jenny to meet you all and we are looking forward to the next visit to Wimborne!
Best Wishes Tim and Jenny Adams

Steve Email
Nov 12, 2017

Thank you so much for a stunning performance at the Tivoli theatre in Wimborne, Dorset, UK on the last night of your UK tour.....Having been a big fan since I first heard your music on the radio around 2000 it was wonderful to see your live show with such amazing musicianship from you all.......Great songs both original and some lovely standards........Hope you visit us here again in the future.

Michael Gadd Email
Nov 10, 2017

Dingwalls last night.  Best   gig I've ever been to and I've been to hundreds.  Thanks Elana,  Whit and Jake.

Ray Email
Nov 5, 2017

Thanks for another enjoyable evening.Outstanding musicianship and great interaction with the crowd,and it was great to meet you after the show.Thanks for the info about your amp Whit-I really appreciate your thoughts on all things music,you have been a great source of inspiration for my own playing.As you say,It's a journey!I wanted to say hello to Elana but I had to get away to catch my bus back to Edinburgh.Well that's my fifth show with you guys(I know many of your fans will have attended more)but it's just what's needed,music therapy at it's best!Hope the rest of the tour goes well.Until next time,thanks for a great evening,regards,Ray

michael coldwell Email
Oct 30, 2017

many thanks for another brilliant gig at The Stables last night,this is the third time we have seen you and hope that you will return again next year.meanwhile we will have to rely on you tube.
Looking forward to the next 20years.
Maureen and Mike Coldwell.

Oct 28, 2017


We brought our grand-daughter to your show in Saugatuck, MI a couple years ago.  (Whit even acknowledged her from the stage 'cause she was really into the music...and probably the youngest one there).  She's now 7....and is asking when she can see the Hot Club again!  She loves your music.  She's also a huge Riders In The Sky fan (They are how we "discovered" you).  But she really, really, really wants to see you guys.  Can you please get booked somewhere near northern Indiana?????

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Bernie Gonyaw Email
Oct 20, 2017

Hi my name is Bernie Gonyaw I live in Newport Vt. First saw you guys on Larry's Country Diner. Also went and saw you Live in Boothbay Maine. Just Love your Jazz and especially your Western Swing. Could you let me know if you are coming back to Northern New England in 2018,. Just have to see you guys live again. Thanks Bernie Gonyaw

Oct 17, 2017

Hello! We had the great pleasure of seeing you (twice) at the Richmond, VA Folk Festival this past weekend. You are all incredible musicians, which would have been enough, however your collective chemistry on stage and the joy you extend to the audience made your shows that much more enjoyable! Thank you so much... we look forward to seeing you again. Take good care ~ Denise (Marshall, VA)

Daniel Powell 
Oct 2, 2017

Hey guys! Long time, no see, but still and always a huge fan. Noticed on the Wiki page there is no mention of your first self-release 'Western Clambake'. I still have the tape I bought, maybe in front of Java Joe's, but would love a digi version. Any plan on doing that? I can just copy to disc, but it was such a great collection of your early stuff I think it should be out there. Btw, how many of those tapes did you guys make? Probably gonna be worth a chunk of money someday.. ;-) Okay, I just wrote all this and there it is to the right...shoot. Apparently we agree...

Bill Miller Email
Sept 27, 2017

   I can`t tell you how much  enjoy your artistry. Each of you freely display technical ability of the highest caliber. That slap-bass double time thing you do always gives me the chills. WHAT TECHNIQUE! Those guitar phrases you do are nothing short of spectacular. Elana, I heard you play about two bars and I remarked to a friend: That pretty lady is no fiddle player. When you play like that, the term is VIOLINIST! I also enjoy the gentleman who sat in with you in the Texas restaurant. He knows his way around the guitar a tad, also. I`m a one time capable, but retired tenor banjoist whose arthritic fingers no longer allow me to play Monti`s Czardas or Kitten On The Keys. I do enjoy playing along with you guys in my mind however. I used to do most of those standards you do so well. Many thanks for the music!  Bill miller, Saginaw, Michigan. P.S. The only negative aspect of me listening to your wonderful playing is that I can`t figure out how to get the goose bumps off my teeth!

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