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Mike Ives Email
Oct 20, 2019

Happy Birthday Elana. Saw you at Elko Cowboy Poetry in 2016. Had a nice chat with you after the show and got your autograph. You 3 put on an awesome show. Got to talk to Whit and Jake also. Just recently got a signed copy of your new album Wild Kingdom and love it. I have all of your previous albums too. I have already got my front row ticket for you for your Elko Cowboy Poetry show this coming February. See you all then. Take care, be safe and have fun.

Jay and Tobi Haynes Email
Oct 4, 2019

We are Jay and Tobi Haynes, 
We are part of Red Gillian's Family. Tobi is Red's daughter and my father in law. We watched your show tonight at the Western Swing Society concert and it was awesome. We are instant fans of yours. Take care and travel well we will see you soon. Your music brings joy to the world.

Craig Email
Sept 17, 2019

We miss you here in Maine

Jonathan Lipschutz Email
Sept 15, 2019

My wife,friends,and I had the pleasure of attending your show at the Pines Theater in Lufkin last nite.We made the Saturday nite jaunt from Nacogdoches and being unfamiliar with your band ,I must say,we were blown away by the virtuosity and melodic delight of both your vocal and instrumental musical presentation.Be assured that if opprtunity arises we will come see y'all again
Happy Trails

Steve Nunn Email
Sept 13, 2019

At Newberry Oprah House last night, my wife and I went along to hear you guys perform. We had been visiting Newberry from out of town to celebrate my wife’s birthday. You were the highlight of our time there!

We had been the previous night to a play which was very good. But after coming to see you guys I asked my wife on the way back to our hotel, “Sweetheart, what was the difference between last night and tonight at the Opera House? - Tonight was spiritual! The songs and music came from deep within...from the soul!l. It showed on your faces and how you literally seemed to feel every note rise up from within you and then through you!

Thank you for a wonderful evening!

Bill Roth Email
Sept 8, 2019

Thanks for coming to the National Folk Festival in Salisbury. Your music and musicianship was amazing. Loved the Western swing and country/ bluegrass tunes ... but astounded to hear the European hot jazz. Closed my eyes and thought I was hearing Django and Stephane more than few times. What a special treat.

David Hurt Email
Sept 7, 2019

When are y'all coming to Washington DC?  I saw you on September 5th, but when are you coming back?  

Aug 23, 2019

Saw you tonight on "Larry's Country Diner" What a terrific group or talent! I was dancing right off the chair and into the living room floor. Thanks for the entertainment from afar... We'll be watching for more

Aug 13, 2019

Can't wait to see you again in Asheville.

Thanks so much for sharing your inspiration, joy and talent with all of us!

Wade Sheeler Email
Aug 7, 2019

Just listened to Wild Kingdom and damn, how can you guys keep expanding your palette while remaining true to your roots? The romanticism of Elana's songs meld beautifully with the mystery of Whit's penned tunes, and your instrumental artistry reaches even greater heights. Thanks for keeping it interesting!

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Peter B 
July 28, 2019

 Just wanted to let anyone planning to see the Hot Club in Rhode Island at the Rythm & Roots Festival that the event is at Ninigret Park that is located in Charlestown, Rhode Island incase your're going to program your GPS :)

Peter B 
July 28, 2019

  Hello Hot Club, I just got introduced to y'all tonight when you appeared on Larry's Country Diner.
 Thanks for some great entertainment. Hope to see you in Rhode Island.

Frank Caruthers 
July 27, 2019

Great show tonight at Kennett Flash. It's nice to have you back 'round these parts! And thanks for playing Ida Red--that was what I was thinking of when you asked for audience requests, but I was in the farthest corner of the balcony and my voice doesn't carry well. Y'all are sounding better than ever.

Tom and Jo Roberts Email
June 16, 2019

We saw your show at the Arvada Center on Saturday June 15, 2019 and we were blown away at the great music and songs that your presented.  Great time and we will plan to see you again when ever we can.  

Jerry Zabin Email
May 5, 2019

Just saw the band at SPACE in Evanston. WONDERFUL!!!! Really, really GREAT!! Saw you last time at Space too and enjoyed it even more tonight!! You three have such energy and perform so very well. We look forward to your next performance in the Chicago area!! Thank you for all the joy you bring to so many. 

Steve Bakos Email
March 31, 2019

We saw your incredible show at the Arckley Theater in Eureka. I was not aware of your music or history. You now have 2 additional fans. We travel to concerts and see @15 concerts a year as well as most at the Arkley. You were all just incredible and deserve a much larger audience and exposure. I will look forward to seeing you again, now i will have to make due with a cd that will be played often.
I thought your original songs were excellant and hope you add more to your set list.

Aida Reznik Email
March 31, 2019

Dear Jake, Whit and Elana. Wanted to THANK YOU again for you coming to Serenity Villa and performing for Floyd. You should be proud of yourselves for what you did. I can guarantee he will never forget this event and due to such positive emotions maybe you even extended his life.
Miracles happen!
Wanted to share this article that was published in our local paper -
Aida and German

jim cardwell Email
March 30, 2019

Hi folks, Good seeing in Chico last night. We'd like to get a Hot Club onesie for our next grandchild.. Enjoy the coast.

Tom  Email
March 22, 2019

Just saw you in San Luis Obispo, CA, last time was about ten years ago in Durango, CO Great Great Show! We look forward to net time.
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